Friday, August 13, 2010

Day One.

Ok I know it has only been one day but a ton has been on my mind today as I moved here to Azusa, CA. First of all, the weather is complete paradise here. It never got above 88 degrees and once the sun goes down it even gets a little chilly, my favorite. So my dad and I got in last night and checked into the hotel. I know a 2 hour "car lag" sounds kind of lame, but honestly we went to bed early and we up by the obnoxious hour of 6 am with nothing to do. Oh well, we made the best of it. First, we walked around campus a little and I showed my dad the campus and where I'll be working and taking class. He of coursed was awed as he should be. The campus is breathtaking with the San Gabriel mountains in the background. Then we took my loaded car to my new place. This is where a lot of my thought come in...

My house is undoubtedly a DUDE HOUSE. I just graduated from college where I always lived in dude houses so I don't mind, but this one tops them all. My worry of my room being too small for two people was relieved when I saw that the room will fit my roommate Jimmy and I with room to spare. He gets in tomorrow and I'm stoked to have him in California with me. I was told that the roommates were very nice and I agree with all the rumors. They all were extremely nice even at 8 am. One of them, Nate, and I talked a lot about his life as a professional musician in LA. I am going to one of his shows tomorrow night at a bar down the street. It was the funniest thing as my dad and I are organizing my room and new faces just kept popping up, so much so that I actually don't know who lives there and who doesn't. Regardless I am extremely blessed to have this living situation and I know that it will always be a fun (and very full) house. All the roommates have their own friends and lives. So I am ready for my roommate Jimmy to get to the house so we can have common ground. We are both in the same masters program and will probably be around the same people most of the time. So I'm ready to have my place in the house.

After getting settled in a couple girls in my cohort called me and we went to lunch. This was awesome and it got me even more excited about the amazing people I will be surrounded by for these two years. They are eager to impact students like myself. After lunch we went to campus and got our ID cards, I got my office key and talked with my boss for a few minutes. I already feel at home here and it's only been one day.

Lastly, my dad and I ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was a perfect, chill ending to the day. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I am so anxious to dive in. I'm ready to meet people and start work. So much lies ahead and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

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