Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting adjusted.

Hello all,

So I have been in California about a week now and there has been a lot to say about it. The transition has been up and down for me. I felt like I prepared myself for the move out here, but I don't think you can even prepare yourself enough. My Dad was here the first 2 days and that was a great last experience with my Dad for a while. I am very glad that he came out with me to help with the move because I loved showing him around the school and the city. The second day he was here we basically did a loop around LA. We drove from Azusa to Newport Beach and walked along the coast for a while there. The weather was actually cloudy for most of it which was kind of a bummer, but the weather eventually cleared up. When we got to the beach we were starving and we walked into this little cafe to get breakfast and it turned out to be a Texas theme and Texan run restaurant which was awesome. Of course we had wonderful greasy grub and huge portions of it. Texas sure knows how to eat, that's for sure. So after the beach we headed to Beverly Hills because we had to get and Hollywood so my Dad could experience those areas for the first time. Very eyeopening they were. Then we drove around the opposite side of the city to get back to Azusa.

My thoughts these first few days were interesting. I didn't have any place here yet. This still doesn't feel like home to me even though I know it will eventually. But these first days were a little tough. I could be in the coolest place in the world but, for me, it's all about the people so I was just ready to meet everyone I would be spending the next two years with. Shocking, I know. Then on Sunday, I took my Dad to the airport and off he went.

The next day I started work. I was very excited to dive into what I'll be doing this year. This week of work has been great. It is a ton of information, I could not be blessed with a greater office. My boss if phenomenal and great supervisor for me and my co-grad assistants are equally as amazing. I learned a lot about the events my team will be putting on. One day we all shared our life stories which is always great in my book. I already feel really close to the people in my office and it's only been a week and I haven't even met the undergrad interns. Last night my friend and coworker, James, whose also an amazing photographer invited me to a party in Hollywood for this new hotel lounge called the Stone Rose. It was awesome. It was so fun to be out in Hollywood and to top it off we saw Venus and Serena Williams. We were guests of the host of the party who is one of James' friends.

The most meaningful activity I have done so far was this morning at 5 am. I was not really excited to hear that our office was hiking that early but I was really excited to hike for the first time in a while. We hiked up Garcia which is a small mountain near campus. It was only about a mile up but that early it seemed a lot longer. When we reached the top there was a cross there and we all just sat in awe as the cross covered stretched our entire view of LA. It was by far one of the coolest things I have seen in my life. People know that LA is a crazy and sometimes very dark place but to see Jesus cover all of it was unbelievable to experience. My supervisor asked us what we wanted to leave at the cross today. I am here to announce that I left my fear and comfort of a new and different place. This is my home for now and I am going to do everything I can to respect my calling here. It was a wonderful moment with Jesus this morning and I hope that you everyday are leaving something at the cross. I am blessed to have such an amazing opportunity here and God really opened my eyes to that this morning. Praise Him for that!


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