Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm home.

HELLO. It has been a week and I'm sorry about the delayed post. I have been on a week long retreat with my office, the Office of Communiversity (Student Activities). The retreat was in Big Bear, CA in the mountains and consisted of the Director, Assistant Director, Office Manager, 3 grad assistants, and 10 undergrad interns. This was also the first time I had ever met the undergrad interns. They are all split up between the 3 grad assistants and the Assistant Director (Director of Outdoor Adventure and Intramurals). I have 3 wonderful and talented sophomores under me.

To start, let me just reiterate the not-at-home feeling, I have been struggling with. I'm not upset at all that I don't feel at home seeing as how a move from Texas to California is pretty drastic. Well, I have been on retreats before and I know that a lot of bonding usually takes place. I was hopeful before the trip, and a little nervous too. Initially meeting the undergrads was awesome. Immediately everyone could sense the talent and fire in them to make this year a year to remember.

This week long retreat was one of the most amazing weeks I have had in my life. We hiked, rock climbed, played team building activities, shared our life stories, slept on the floor, planned and conducted business a little, laughed until we were in pain, went bowling, and gazed at some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. Although these activities were amazing, they were not to reason the retreat was so wonderful for me. Even after the first day I knew why I was here in California. I am here to announce the grace of God has allowed me to have such a family here. These people are some of the most different, talented, and hilarious people I have ever encountered. As I begin to make the switch from an undergrad student leader to a supervisor of these, I am very glad that I stepped away from my comfort zone in order to develop myself as leader but even more a follower of Christ.

I am struggling to put these feelings into words. I am home. Last night we had a little worship time with our team and we sang, "Here I am to worship". I know, I know. Familiar song that probably should be stashed away. But when I was singing that song I just began to cry and I proclaimed that I was here in Southern California, at my home, to worship Christ only. Everything else will fall into place. I desire to grow and realize things about myself I have not yet. This is the beginning of something beautiful and I cannot believe God has blessed me with such amazing people. It was something I originally was just expecting and waiting for, but now it is something I cherish and will cherish forever. I have a new home and I cannot stop smiling about it.


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